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The Cry Returns

Welcome to the rebirth of the Cry of Despair. The new format for the Cry will be using this web format.
The New Cry Features:

Latest News
Immortal News
Nations News
Laugh of Despair
Upcoming Area Previews
Newbie Council news and tips
Guild and Order News
Realms of Despair Councils News
and much much more.

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Latest News:
After a long hiatus the Cry of Despair has returned, and has a brand new home, here on the main page of Realms of Despair.
By using a new web format, the Cry will be more accessible as well as more interactive than it has ever been before. The
Cry will be released once per month, as well as a live forum.
Welcome to the New Cry of Despair,
Serathratz - Editor, Cry of Despair