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Code Updates (2)

News #704 posted by Kinux on 12/12/07.

During character selection, it is now possible to see the choices you have made by typing UNDO to return to the previous option, or SHOW to redisplay the current option. Thanks to Meekon for the code.

In pre-auth, it will now be possible to change your name at any point using the 'name' command prior to authorization. Thanks to Meekon for the code.

All nodrop flagged objects are now 'hexed' items. The remove curse spell will still remove the hex flag. Owing to their knowledge of dark forces, Nephandi's will no longer be affected by hexed items. Thanks to Meekon for the code.

Item order has been adjusted to now work exclusively from bottom to top, to match the way look and examine works. The lower most item would be get 1.item, then get 2.item, etc. Thanks to Gauther for the idea and Meekon for the code.

It is no longer possible to empty a drink container in a no drop room.

Innate skills now begin at 1%. Thanks to Meekon for the code.

The dream and nightmare spells can now be cast to victims from a distance, obeying the laws of astral transportation. Gauther's idea, Meekon's code.

In addition to these, both Meekon and Tricops have done a lot of behind the scenes work coding both TS and Immortal ideas. More information to follow.